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Mercury Retrograde Survival Pouch


Mercury rules communication, clear thinking and truth, which is why when it goes retrograde, everything seems to go array. It is often a time of confusion, forgetfulness, delays and frustration, seeming as if nothing is going right. I have put together a list of crystals for mercury retrograde to help you stay calm, collected and grounded.

Hematite is the ultimate grounding stone, and will help you to keep both feet on the ground during mercury retrograde. It also helps you to remain flexible and willing to shift your mindset as things arise.

Fluorite provides relief from stress, anxiety and negativity.

Amazonite encourages clear and harmonious communication, helping you express yourself clearly and keeping things from being misconstrued.

Agate increases your connection with the Earth, reminding you to stop and breathe.

Black Tourmaline provides protection from harmful and negative energies.

Quartz Point brings clarity of mind, helping you to remain clear and focused.

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