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Completely Custom Crystal Prescription Kit


Want to try healing crystals but not sure which crystals you need for your spiritual, physical, and emotional growth? I understand. When I first started with crystals I didn't know which to use when, how to use them, and wasn't quite confident in the methods.

I want you to enter into the world of holistic healing through crystals with confidence and knowledge to back it! Reach out so I can help curate a custom started kit for you. Answer 3 questions of your choice in the image and send me a direct message, we can begin a conversation about what crystals will work best for your goals and lifestyle.

From our conversation I will recommend a crystal prescription for you including 3/4 crystals. For £5 you can choose to have me ship them out to you with a cleansing bundle and information on the crystals I've prescribed.

I will always tell you which crystals I recommend free of charge, there won't be any pressure from me to buy my crystals or the prescription kit.

I can't wait to help show you how healing crystals can change your life and be the most powerful tool for shift that you have

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