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April Seed Moon |

April is a time of planting the seeds of your projects now that you have prioritized them back in March. The unpredictable weather of March is gentling into a more consistent warmth and mild temperatures. Spring is flowing toward early summer. You might still have to exercise caution to shelter tender young seedlings (especially if those seedlings are not metaphorical but are actual plant seedlings), but otherwise the time has come to plant those seeds and nurture your projects as they germinate by the light of the Seed Moon.


“There is no glory in a star or blossom

till looked upon by a loving eye;

There is no fragrance in April breeze

till breathed with joy as they wander by.”

-William C. Bryant


Modern and Ancient tribes and cultures of Europe, India, Asia, Africa, people in the northern and Southern Hemispheres use and have used the bundling and burning of plants as an innately human artistic, spiritual, and healing expression. They are so important for creating and clearing space. If you are drawn to creating your own is a wonderfully rewarding ritual in itself

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