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Panacea elixirs are a simple, holistic way to incorporate the wonderful vibrations of crystal, gemstone, flower and mineral combinations into your everyday life. It's a great addition to your homeopathy regimen or an easy way to begin making positive changes in your health. There are no negative side effects and can be used in conjunction with mainstream and alternative therapies. By using our elixirs you will begin to subtly change your internal vibrations on a cellular level to those of the elixir. All of our elixir ranges can be found in our online store.


Our prescription services takes it that one step further, starting with your Sun and Moon signs and your answers to a specificly designed questionaire we are able to produce an elixir designed to work with you on a physical, mental, emotional and spirital level.


After your free consultation you are provided a 30 day supply. I will then contact you after 21 days to see how you are feeling and see if you wish to continue your treatment at a discounted rate or stop. We never take it personally if you do not wish to continue as we know how fast acting our elixirs can be.

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