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After a short consultation, you will lie down (fully clothed)

on a massage table and are covered in a blanket.  


Through an age old process I will then begin selecting a

combination of crystals based on colour, feeling and

healing properties, these will be placed on the chakra energy centres. Other crystals will be placed

on and around the body in grids for focusing energy and for grounding.

Colour therapy and energy healing will be used to assist in aligning, balancing and energising your chakras.


We then move onto your etheric layers and your connections to the divine and mother earth, selecting more crystals based on colour, feeling and healing properties to heal in a very fine tuned way, working on each tear, blockage or knot bit by bit until it is removed or greatly reduced.


We then work on any physical aliments you have, such as a bad back, IBS, ME / MS, Fibromyalgia, PCOS and many many more. Aiming to releave symptoms, any pain you might get and replacing the energy any illness drains from you.


For those experienced in crystal healing or who might already work with energy and the Divine we also offer a healing process to take your energy work to a whole new level.

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book a treatment


Crystal healing can assist by clearing blockages in your energy centres,  strengthening your body, increasing your energy and healing emotions that are causing physical symptoms.


Crystals and gemstones are exceptionally good at helping us adapt to changes in our energy frequencies which are caused by stressful, life changing situations. The vibrational rates of crystals  treat areas where imbalances and damages have occurred.


Crystal healing is calming and relaxing and by restoring your balance of energy you can enhance your quality of life.  


After experiencing a treatment myself I knew I had to learn how to use these amazing gifts mother nature has given us to provide fine tuned, individual and long lasting healing.



Crystal Heal experience

Chakra Balance     £5

Crystal Healing      £15

All Else                    £15ph