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By Becky , Apr 3 2017 12:43PM


Temperance and the King of Wands:

You have strong indicators for business travel. You could be a little "wild" on the road as you certainly will be tempted. Your male companions invite you to novel experiences. This is your month to be confident, strong, inspiring, and original. Temperance tells us to up our game if we are normally the quiet type and to tone it down if we are usually too exuberant. Have fun, but avoid any negative consequences.


The Lovers and the Seven of Cups:

Sisters and friends are positive supports and companions for you this month, dear Taurus. You will be able to reciprocate their love with gifts as your income is going up. Perhaps this is the month for a raise and a more prominent position. You are feeling that your money situation is positive and you have enough to spread around through entertainment and gifts to those who have stood by you in the past.


The Star and the Page of Swords:

Travel is highlighted this month, especially foreign or long-distance travel. Or perhaps you are dealing with people or objects from far away. The spirit of different realities and far-away places is around you. You have an incentive to learn that is especially prominent this month. You are even more curious than usual, which is saying a lot for a Gemini, and want to learn and understand everything around you. I’m thinking of a pre-schooler always asking "Why? Why? Why?" Alternatively, you could be surrounded by children who are curious and wanting you to answer all their questions. This should be incentive enough for you to dust off your internet skills and help them find the answers.


The Emperor and the Three of Cups:

Back for the second month in a row, dear Cancer is your demanding boss (or someone who bosses you around) The Emperor. All the action this month is your work life and a (beach?) vacation. Things look sexy at work. Could it be that sexual tension is part of the contretemps with your boss? You are emotionally sensitive and healed by water. Time at the beach would be ideal. You have good friends who want to support you. How about a beach party?


Judgment and the Page of Swords:

Whew, dear Leo. We usually think of you as being a creature of the shining lights, but with Judgment this month, some aspect of your work is rather grim. Grimmer than normal if your usual could be described that way. I'm thinking to identify the dead, hearing disturbing testimony, needing to comfort the dying. Are you traveling to any funerals this month? Meanwhile, the Page of Swords says that your ability to communicate logically what needs to be said is highlighted. Aren't you lucky? You may have been tapped to deliver bad news.


The Hanged Man and the Ace of Wands:

In tarot, this is a mixed message, a stop sign—the Hanged Man—and a go sign—the Ace of Wands. With the astrological connections, though, it clears up. The Hanged Man is associated with Pisces, your partner. It does not necessarily mean that your partner is lazy or immobile, it just identifies your partner. As you already have reason to know, Pisces individuals have a tendency to just “space out” at the most inexplicable times. The Ace of Wands is a happy new concept, ready to start something new. In the meantime… the indications for romance and sex are substantial. You've got the public fooled that you never get down and dirty, however, you know better, and so does at least one other person. Let's keep it private.


Fortuna and the King of Swords:

Things look bright for you dear Libra. There is opulence, good friends, especially female friends and artists, and maybe people in the fashion industry. It looks like a fashion show, bridal or baby shower, or other similar feminine social event. Everyone is dressed up and the surroundings are warmed with flowers, crystal, and pink. Now to the King of Swords. He’s too mental, too smart, and too logical for most…but he’s just right for you. There is plenty of romance and this man may be a keeper.


Death and the Nine of Swords:

For eleven out of twelve people the Death card is hard to deal with. For you, Scorpio, it’s you. You have mastered courage, emotional endings, separations and partings of ways. So we have a card lifting you up and speaking to who you are; another card that says that you are creating, or amplifying, your current problems. Specifically, you have worries about your home, family of origin, father, husband, and/or adolescent children. Though you appear to be a cool operator, inside you know how emotionally driven you are. When you get a problem, an emotionally reactivating problem, you have great difficulty letting it go. So, let's parse it out. Do you have your renter's or home owner's insurance up to date? Have you had your furnace maintained for the cold season? If having work done at your house, do you have an adequate contract? Now, on to the people. Your father is independent and set in his ways. He is not going to listen to your advice. Similarly, if you have a husband, he, too, is independent and hard-headed. Adolescent children are programmed to explore their limits. Make sure the limits are clear. Now, let go of the worries, as you have done all you can.


The Sun and the Eight of Pentacles:

You have a couple of life areas to attend to this month. There is some concern, justifiable concern, for a sibling. Give what comfort you can. Your work life and income are coming under positive influences. A long-term project is close to fruition. Your money looks to be arriving in a larger quantity. Your partner is feeling better these days and whatever was bothering him/her is gone—for the time being. In any event, his or her issues can only be resolved by him or her. You “understanding” the issue, if you do, should be kept to yourself. Your significant other needs to realize this for himself/herself.


Judgment and the Six of Swords:

You have big changes going on, Capricorn. Some of them have been in progress for almost a decade, some are more recent, and some will surface this month. Judgment, the Karma card, is your lot this month. Have you been sowing good things that will come back as welcome gifts? The Wiccan tradition says what we put out comes back to us Three-fold. What you give out returns to you, magnified. This is juxtaposed with the six of Swords, a card of travel, frequently sorrowful travel. This particular Six of Swords is a clear “I’m leaving” message. For you, dear Capricorn, there is a potential of a spouse, lover, friend, or employee taking your money and running. I’m hearing Peter, Paul and Mary singing, “Leaving on a Jet Plane.”


Strength and King of Wands:

Plenty of romance for Aquarius this month. Strength is the major arcana card associated with your fated partner—Leo. And the King of Wands is your ideal partner—open, straightforward, warm, passionate, courageous… He also represents your spouse or committed partner. [You got this King last month, too!] We have you favoring the Leos and you pairing with a prominent person. However, these cards can also mean you need to build up your internal Strength and your internal Animus. Your best course for February—your birthday month—is to accept the love and good intentions and invitations of those around you.


The World and the Queen of Wands:

You have The World again this month. It's time for deserved rewards, fame and recognition. Is the Queen of Wands you, or a significant figure in your life? Either way, it is time to live more like a Queen of Wands, kind of a tough assignment for the normal Pisces wallflower types. It is time to be bold, wear bright colors and ask for what you want. And let's not overlook the Queen of Wands' reputation as the sexist woman in the tarot. There is plenty of sex and emotional bonding available, dear Pisces if you can be bold enough to take it.

By Becky , Mar 3 2017 06:11PM


Waxing moon period: 27/2/2017 to 11/3/2017

Waxing first quarter moon: 5/3/2017

Full Sap Moon: 12/3/2017

Waning moon period: 13/3/2017 to 26/3/2017

Waning last quarter moon: 20/3/2017

New Moon: 27/3/2017

Observations: The sabbat of Ostara occurs this month.

March is a time of unpredictability, shifting of the seasons, and surging energy. Now the sap is rising in the trees and the spring equinox is at hand. You must choose, organize, and bless your upcoming projects. On the night of the full moon, perform a blessing ritual and work fertility magic. You know what they say about March – the month comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. To appreciate this saying, imagine the weather extremes that typically occur during March. In the beginning of the month, it is not uncommon to experience snowstorms that seem straight out of the depths of winter, but the month’s conclusion can unexpectedly usher in some balmy and mild weather that gives a pleasing glimpse of the beginning of summer. March is a month of extremes, chaos, and rapid change. All this metaphysical energy is reflected in its full moon, the Sap Moon, and you can tap this exciting potential for your spell work.

Your altar

Because the sabbat of Ostara happens this month, now is the time to forget about snow (even if it continues to blanket the landscape), turn your thoughts toward spring, and banish the color white from your altar. Instead, break out the fresh, clear, delicate pastel colors of spring. Ostara colors include pale shell-pink, pale forget-me-not blue, pale lemon yellow, pale leaf green, and violet. Drape your altar with a large cloth of pale green to represent the thawed Earth, which is renewed after the great sleep of winter. Add a smaller cloth in pink or blue or violet to represent the first flowers of spring, and another one, smaller still, in pale yellow to symbolize the Sun. Arrange the altar cloths so you can see all the colors. You can add some decorations in keeping with Ostara such as figurines of eggs, chicks, and rabbits, or keep your altar minimal to focus your attention on the moon.

Waxing Moon Magic

From the night after the new moon to the full Sap Moon:

This is a time of quickening, germination, and increasing fertility. All during the Waxing Moon time, your spell work should focus on increasing your creative energies. This is one of the best times to literally get pregnant. Or you could outline several intellectual or emotional projects that you wish to seed this year. The next step during the waxing moon period is to practice divination to determine how you should prioritize your projects according to their potential; you do not want to take on too much. Use techniques such as journaling, brainstorming (quickly generating spontaneous ideas), and meditation to get a clearer picture of what projects you want to work on, and how to balance multiple projects. Visualize your projects maturing through the year.

Full Moon Magic

During the night of the full Sap Moon, perform a blessing ritual for yourself and your projects to reach fruition this year. Follow this with a fertility ritual targeted specifically to your goals whether it is to bear a child, write a book, create a work of art, find a job, transform your level of physical fitness, et cetera. Your projects, which you sorted and organized during the waxing moon period, should be clarified by the night of the full Sap Moon.

Announce your specific intentions to the universe: you will achieve these certain goals this year. Consider taking a shamanic journey to the upper world to consult the gods who are patrons of the skills that you will be seeking to master – for example, Demeter or Frigge for motherhood or Brigid or Odin for writing. Or you could travel to the lower world to seek counsel from your ancestors or spirit animal.

Waning Moon Magic:

From the night after the full Sap Moon to the next new moon

During this time, you must release those projects that you decided during the waxing moon phase you cannot afford to pursue. Realistically, you have to give up your dreams of achieving everything in order to have the time to give your best to the goals that matter most right now. Make a note of which projects may have potential in the future.

Give yourself the time to mourn and fully release goals to which you know you will not return. These could be small goals or they could involve such life-changing events as deciding not to go back to school or have a second child. Never underestimate the emotional stress that you may face when you must give up certain dreams. Try to lay down sorrow and guilt so that you may step into your chosen future with no burdens and with full commitment. The waning March moon is a forgiving and contemplative time for you to come to terms with your decisions. Consider doing a banishing ritual to cleanse yourself of residual sorrow and insecurity before you enter the waxing moon phase of next month.

By Becky , Jan 29 2017 11:24PM

This year I will celebrate the turning of the wheel with simple rituals that I can share with you all.

The core of this ritual can be adapted to any belief system and range from the simple to the elaborate. You can cast a circle and call the directions to enter your sacred space – or you can just sit and breathe and centre yourself. You can do it outside, in a special room, or at your kitchen table. All you really need is quiet, a pen and paper, a candle (make it white for Brighid if you like, but anything will do), and match or lighter to light the candle.

You will not burn the paper this time. So you don’t need a fire proof container.

You might like to sip a glass of milk at the end of the ritual. To honour Brighid and the season.

At its heart this ritual is about new growth. About welcoming and nurturing inspiration and/or healing.

Dedicated to Brighid – Goddess of Fire, Patroness of Poetry, Smithcraft and Healing

The First Rite of Spring

Enter the sacred space, and whichever way feels right to you connect to the divine – especially to the Creative/Healing essence.

Invite the div ine to join you, if you have different words or are drawn to do something else go with that, but if you aren't sure then these are the words I will be using

“Brighid, Blessed Healer, Keeper of the Fire of Creation, be with me tonight.”

“Lord of the Light, be with me tonight as I seek our Lady Brighid.”

Light the candle to welcome the returning light. Sit and consider what Imbolc and/or Brigid signify for you this year -

> Is there something you would heal in the coming months?

> Something you would like to create in your life?

> Something growing within you that you would like to nurture?

> Write down what you would like to heal/create/nurture

> Write down the steps you could take towards this goal

Then ask the Lady and the Lord to support your efforts in manifesting

these goals in the coming months — as we move towards Spring.

After asking take some time to rest in warmth and drift into the season knowing that Brighid will be with you until the wheel turns into Ostara in March

Once the time feels right ground yourself and the power raised, chocolate or cake may or may not be the best thing for this and drinking milk would be perfect as it has a strong connection with Brighid. Return to the everyday when you are ready

By Becky , Jan 29 2017 10:08PM

The purpose of a ritual cleansing is to not only clean the body, but also to cleanse the mind and soul. It's a chance to meditate and reflect upon the things you wish to wash away -- whether it's a bad habit, negative feelings, or anything else. As you bathe, you literally rinse away what you choose to eliminate from your spirit or body.

To perform a ritual cleansing bath, you'll first want to set the mood. Try to do this with some semblance of privacy, so you can have peace and quiet. This is supposed to be restful and empowering -- and it's hard to achieve those if you're yelling at the kids to keep the noise down. If other people live in your home, either send them away while you're taking your bath, or ask that you not be disturbed for a while.

You may wish to light some candles. Bathroom lighting tends to be harsh, and there's something very soothing about bathing by candlelight. You may also want to light some incense, if there's a particular scent you find soothing or inspiring.

Finally, some people like to add music. Put in a CD of your favorite instrumental music, or of natural sounds. Noises like whale songs, waterfalls, rainfall or ocean waves are all appropriate. If you prefer not to have any music, that's fine too - it's really a matter of what relaxes you best.

As you run the bath, you'll want to incorporate herbs that are associated with cleansing. The best way to do this is to tie herbs into a muslin cloth or bag, and hang it on the faucet so that the warm bathwater runs through it into the tub. Herbs associated with cleansing and purification include, but are not limited to:




Lemon Balm







Once you've filled the bath with warm water (hot water will ruin the oils in the herbs), running through the herbal mix, immerse yourself in the tub. Make sure you're completely relaxed -- for some people, this may take a few minutes, but that's okay. Try to clear your mind completely. Focus on the warmth enveloping your body. Breathe deeply, taking in the scents of the herbal oils in the water. If you've got music playing, allow your mind to wander wherever the music may take you -- a sandy beach, a forest glade, wherever. Close your eyes, and become attuned to the rhythms of your own body.

Visualize, for a moment, all the negative energy in your body. As you focus on this, imagine it being swept out of your body, bit by bit, one particle at a time, through the pores of your skin. See it being released from your body, and diluted into the water. While the negative energy is leaving your body, think about how rejuvenating the bath is. See your body, your spirit, your soul being cleansed and purified by the herbs and the water.

When you feel ready, stand up and get out of the tub. After you've gotten out of the water, release the plug so that all the negativity absorbed by the water can be drained away.

If you only have a shower stall, and not a bathtub -- of if you just don't have time for a long bath -- you can do this cleansing rite as a shower. Hang the cloth bag of herbs over the showerhead, so that the herbal water runs over your body while you shower.

By Becky , Jan 27 2017 04:10PM

Making a pot of tea is a magical process. Whether you intend to or not you are creating a ritual that is hundreds of years old.

All the elements are involved in making tea:

Earth is represented by the botanicals; seed, roots, leaves and flowers.

Water is the magical conduit that is used to infuse with the botanicals.

Fire is represented by the act of heating the water.

Air is the aromatic vapors released from the steam.

Combined, you have yourself a beautiful ceremony of the four corners, and by taking in the sacred brew you are honoring the fifth element of spirit if you allow yourself to.

To get started, select your tea and tea ware. Regardless of the tea ware you use, the sacred space you create is what is vital to the outcome of your ritual. This ritual is a time to let go of the concerns of the day and focus your intentions on the simple comforts available to you in the form of flower, leaf, root and seed.

Choosing herbs is also an important element. What do you have currently available in your cupboard Are you feeling drawn to using a floral blend, a spicy, deep or pungent blend? The choice of tea can reflect what you may be needing at this time. For example; I often select creamy, spicy teas such as a ginger and vanilla. Ginger is considered an herb of the moon, is fiery and sensual much like the full moon herself. Vanilla is also sensual, deep and aromatic. But there is not right or wrong choice here. Most supermarkets now carry great ranges of herbal teas. Treat yourself :)


When you are ready to pour the water over the herbs speak softly while pouring, “I infuse this water with (insert your intentions here)”. During the next few minutes, let’s focus on breath. Slowly breathing in for a count of four, pause at the top f your breath and exhale slowly for a count of four. Once your tea is ready according to your taste preference, take your cup and find a comfortable place to settle in.

Sacred Space

Find a comfortable place on the floor or at a table, preferably near a window where the light and the view are inspiring or relaxing. If the weather near you is cool keep a throw blanket handy that you can curl up in while you enjoy your tea. If it is warmer where you are take your tea outside and sit among the beauty of nature.

Where the magic happens:

As you begin to steep yourself in the comforts of tea, notice the aromas, the taste and the beauty in what your have created. As the ribbons of steam unfurl around you- the lessons of the day are taken in with each sip. If you have a notebook handy, now would be an ideal time to write down your inner reflections. As you sip your tea, is your mind wandering? What are you thinking about?

Take a moment to release what is on your mind. Acknowledge it, let it go and take a deep breath and come back to the self-nurturing of this simple ritual.

With each sip we can practice letting go of the days burdens. With a clear mind our awareness is fine tuned and we can come back into balance with our mind, body, and soul.

Once you have reached the end of your cup, take your herbs/ tea bag and gift them to your garden or compost bin. This small act is a great way to honor the earth and all the abundance she provides for us.

I hope you enjoy this tea ritual, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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