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October Tarotscopes | monthly tarot insights

By Becky , Oct 1 2016 04:27AM

Aries | Fool & 6 of Swords

What's new? You'll soon discover that almost everything is when you learn to see through your expectations and assumptions. In an attempt to avoid boredom or stagnation, you may constantly throw yourself into new situations, relationships, jobs, hobbies, etc. While novelty is stimulating, it can also become addicting and lead to feelings of dissatisfaction. Instead of constantly reaching for something new, make an effort to recognize the subtle differences with what's right in front of you. Your restlessness can easily be tended to if you shift your perspective a little to the left. Many of your problems can be solved if you look at them differently. Chances are everything you desire is within your reach you just need to slow down and pay attention.

Taurus | Emperor & King of Cups

Who says power and authority need to be aggressive and hard? Respect is often something you gain not something you're entitled to. Jesus' teaching of treating others the way you wish to be treated is an important place to start, namely because it levels the playing ground between you and others. In some area of your life you have the upper hand and wield more influence than a counterpart. How do you use this to your advantage? In emotional relationships, do you withhold in order to feel safe? In work relationships, do you project importance to protect your ego? If others can't relate to you, they won't respect you - they might fear you, fight you or become submissive to you - but there is no real connection. Make an attempt to relate to people through humility and notice the change in response.

Gemini | Tower & 5 of Cups

Einstein is quoted as saying , "energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another." He was a pretty smart guy, right? Might want to keep this in mind this month as something you cherish or rely on, falls apart. Rather than focusing on what's gone, take a deeper look and realize what remains. Even if all that remains are feelings of sadness and loss. Don't be so quick to dismiss your feelings as arbitrary or inconvenient. Your emotional reaction contains important elements from the past. No matter how you rationalize this one, you're destined to feel the burn. Stay with the experience and you're sure to uncover an epiphany or two.

Cancer | Hierophant & 10 of Swords

There are many paths to discovering your purpose, truth, calling, etc and while the destination is what's sought, the journey is the point. It's not the where that matters as much as it is the how. How do you travel, how do you change along the way, how do you deal with disappointment? The answer to these kinds of questions shape your philosophy about life, and as a result develop an attitude that you travel with. Simply stated, your attitude about life effects the way you live it. What makes something good or bad is your opinion about it. You want to change your destiny, find your purpose and discover your calling, then look around - you're living it! If you're dissatisfied, then work on changing your attitude about it. Eventually the situation will change, or at least your feelings about it will.

Leo | World & Ace of Wands

A missing piece will be discovered this month, and in the most unexpected of places. You've been in somewhat of a holding pattern the last few months, waiting for that special something or someone to tip the balance. Well, here you go, grab the opportunity and run with it. A rush of inspiration and excitement is just what you need right now. Don't forget to wrap up loose ends or burn any bridges. What goes around comes around. Your generosity will be rewarded as well. If you have the means to help someone out of a hole, be sure to lend the hand. Nothing goes unnoticed and ultimately your success is part of the whole. Those trying for children, congratulations!

Virgo | Death & Knight of Pentacles

You are known for your love of perfection, your desire to get it right and your ability to become an expert; however, you're also known for fussing over the details at the expense of satisfaction, your humility stands in the way of receiving and believing praise, and you sometimes confuse productivity with being busy. Time for some behavioral changes - another thing you're good at. Time to evaluate how you're spending your time and appraise whether or not you feel fulfilled. Dutiful as it may be to tend to life's demands, you also need to tend to your own soul. Make a habit of something enjoyable and preferably creative. You deserve it.

Libra | Lovers & 4 of Pentacles

Your desire for comfort may be impeding your opportunity for change more than you know it. You say you want a different 'or that', yet you continue to cling to what you have, and in your case clinging is complaining about it or incessantly running it over in your head. You're the master of seeing the pros and cons but not always the best at actually making a decision. Just do it! Make a move, get off the fence, stop vacillating. So what, if it doesn't turn out how you've pictured in a thousand times in your head. The very act of doing something is often the only momentum you need to get things heading in a different direction. A decision you've been pondering all year shows signs of success if you would just commit.

Scorpio | Chariot & 3 of Wands

Control is your lesson this time around. Either you've got too much invested in it, or you don't know how to maintain it. Unless you've got magical powers, you can't really control the world around you. However what you can control is your attitude about it and your responses to it. Even this requires a level of self-discipline and personal mastery because there's a tendency to lead with your emotions. A minor confusion will upset your security this month but before you react, sit back and observe how the situation works itself out. There's less need for you to do anything about it and more need to manage yourself. Although your ego might get a scuff or two in the confrontation, unkind words and underhanded tactics will backfire ten-fold.

Sagittarius | Temperance & 6 of Cups

Nostalgia has a way of bringing the past back to life. It turns memories from the past into emotional experiences of the present. With the distance of time, your thoughts about the past are turned into new opinions. You are able to see things differently – even feel differently, sometimes changing the experience all together. You tend to see life through an optimistic lens which can be idealistic, embellishing the truth from time to time, altering the reality to suit your preferred vision of things. As something or someone from your past reenters your life this month, you will be flooded with strong memories and emotions. Take time to evaluate what you remember and notice how it makes you feel. There are unresolved feelings that need to be integrated. Let your longing be your guide. You might be surprised to see what turns up.

Capricorn | Justice & 4 of Cups

You’re naturally a pretty rational person, a bit cautious, reserved, sometimes skeptical, some might even accuse you of being cynical. When presented with options, you’re not one to jump in with your heart, it takes time for you to warm up to things. You rely on a sort of practical intuition that you call common sense. That common sense will be challenged this month as you are confronted with a decision that doesn’t follow a predictable kind of logic. Let your guard down and ask for advice. You’re not objective enough to wade through this situation because it involves something or someone you hold dear. Whenever your security is threatened, you tend to go on the defense. Get in touch with your feelings so that you are not blindly reacting to them.

Aquarius | Judgment & 2 of Pentacles

There is comfort in knowing the logic behind things. It helps to organize reality in a way that makes life more manageable. You’re great at finding formulas and understanding the inner workings of systems but you’re not always that great at changing your mind when you think you’ve discovered the right way. You’re going to need to be more flexible this month as competing areas of your life demand your attention. Don’t be so quick to judge one more important than the other as each deserve your attention. The solution to this dilemma is not to cling to a solution. Go with the flow and practice negotiating your resources with the moment. Be innovative in your approach. Not everything is a nail, so put down your hammer and pick up one of your other tools.

Pisces | Magician & Ace of Cups

You are the dreamer of the zodiac, naturally tuned into the intangible side of reality. You flow in the direction of your emotions and are easily distracted by your environment. When focused you have a seemingly magical ability to anticipate the future and manifest your visions. The operative word, however, is focused. This month you need to collect yourself in such a manner that allows you to create something tangible. You’ve got a great opportunity to make something positive happen – a new job, relationship, or creative project, but you must remain focused and committed. Be confident in yourself and initiate a first step. You will also be surprised to see how many synchronicities occur once the ball is moving.

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