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May Tarotscopes -

By Becky , May 1 2017 03:08PM


Tower & Page of Swords:

Did you have some unexpected calamity last month? A big tax bill? This whole year, Aries, is one of you having to be flexible in the face of seemingly external events. Usually you are the initiator of life events, but this year, and especially May and June, you are having to cope with “earthquakes” in your life. Keep more funds in reserve in case you need them after payday. Be financially prepared for some bad and/or expensive news. It’s hard not to be in the driver’s seat.


Strength & Two of Swords:

The Taurus gift is equanimity and patience. These cards reflect that as well. Much as you might like to be enjoying May flowers, it looks like family matters and housing are issues of the month. We hope it will be positive family and house matters, but it may not be. Both your family and house are wanting attention. Could you be sprucing up things for an upcoming family celebration? Making you too busy to enjoy the beauties of everyday life? This may focus you for most of the month, with the pressure easing by month’s end.


Hanged Man & King of Pentacles:

Remember any lessons you learned in April, dear Gemini. You are being pressured by friends, possibly church or pagan friends, to work in ways that are foreign to you. Usually you flit about in a seemingly scattered fashion and are able to accomplish a lot without people understanding you. Now they want to make you work in a certain way and that is trying your patience. Hey, you are just not like the regular folks. You see and respond and adapt readily. This month, though, you are having to be patient, thorough, and slow. The pressure eases up by the end of May.


Chariot & Two of Pentacles:

Psychologically, you are being called to a higher level of integration. What is the highest vibration for Cancer? How can you express that? In the meantime… some wear and tear, or perhaps some event, has caused a need for a new vehicle or home improvements or both. The funds are available. Be sure you are in total agreement on the particulars, as you may be heavily “influenced” by a family member or a salesperson. Avoid the pressure by setting your conditions first and by allowing yourself alone time to revise them after preliminary negotiations. Wait until after the 12th to sign the contract.


The Magician & Queen of Cups:

Everything’s coming up roses. You have plenty of energy this month and a keen intuition. Your insights are exactly on target. Avoid committing personal funds until the last week of the month, as the first three weeks are financially impaired in some way—some way probably out of your control. You are in tune with the cosmos and able to see ahead. Listen to your inner voice! Matters of love and affection are most positive.


The Wheel of Fortune & Knight of Swords:

This could be your month for a winning lottery ticket, though please don’t bet your rent money. While Mercury retrograde for the beginning couple of weeks this month is frequently burdensome for Virgos, this month looks not-so-bad. You have the initiative. You have Fortuna on your side. The time is right after May 22nd. Home improvement seems to be a theme for you this month as well. Luck is on your side.


The Fool & Seven of Cups:

Your significant other, Libra, is becoming famous. Since you thrive on partnership, this is not that much of an adjustment for you. However some family members are not as thrilled. Is your SO controversial? It looks so. You are a natural charmer, able to spin just about anything. You will be fine with this turn of events. Be mindful of your health and remember regular habits, food, sleep and exercise, allow you to be as sociable as you want to be. When you neglect yourself, you have to stay home—no fun.


Death & Six of Cups:

Big changes for you, Scorpio, this month. You have the potential to make big positive strides in mind and spirit. This could come about from deaths and funerals, as “memories” is also a key theme of the month. You have the opportunity to finalize old emotional business. Be as complete in your personal relationships as you can be. Take the time for compliments and thanks while you still have the other person on the Earth plane.


Justice & Ace of Swords:

Okay, my Sagittarius friend, it looks like you are initiating a lawsuit or other legal matter. It will likely be fall before you can expect a good outcome on this. Usually Sagittarians are the most optimistic and devil-may-care people, yet the last year has brought some constrictions. Are you studying? Learning outside or inside the classroom? You are a perpetual student, but this course has been rough. This month is clearly about following the rules, dotting all your i’s, and crossing all your t’s. Do so and you will be happier at the end of the month. Try to slide by and the Universe is not offering any freebies.


Hanging Man & Two of Wands:

Hard working Capricorn, you are going to earn rewards this year. However this month is going to be slow as you are just getting started on the project, or this phase of the project. You can count on yourself to be organized and to keep your eyes on the prize. You may be impatient with the slow start, but recall that when you get something going it seems to gain momentum along the way. Some of your attention will be on siblings and cousins who are not as achievement-oriented as you are. Be prepared to be patient as they will not live up to your high standards—almost no one can.


The High Priestess & King of Wands:

Your normal intuition is enhanced this month, Aquarius. You are more reserved than usual, yet pursuing your goals with strategy and consistency. Now is the time to work on or initiate any long term projects. Probably more than usual, your critics may complain about you being quiet and remote. You are rarely touchy-feely. This month is a particularly mentally focused time period. Don’t assume a new career or volunteer position until July, unless you intend it to be temporary. Check-in with your neighbors, siblings and cousins. Progress will come.


The Sun & Eight of Wands:

Looks like a busy month for you, Pisces, and a positive one. It is time for a promotion or some publicity. Travel is featured. Are you traveling on a mission of mercy? Your social conscience is well developed and you are in the spotlight now. You have the opportunity to help others and to raise awareness about suffering. This could be the earth’s suffering, animals suffering or people suffering. Let yourself shine and be the compassionate leader that you can be.

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