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July Tarotscopes

By Becky , Jul 1 2017 06:44PM


The Hierophant and the Eight of Pentacles:

It looks like a more conventional month for you, dear Aries. You are either focused on your earnings or you "ought" to be. The spotlight is on your boss and your career, both of which are overwhelming—taking up too much of your energy in your mind. Does your boss take up all the oxygen? Your path through this month is to be strategic. Learn what you can from this job. Prepare an exit strategy if you need one, and even if it seems unlikely as you don't have to act on the exit strategy, just to have a fallback plan.


Death and the Ten of Swords:

Are you feeling alone this month, Taurus? Your partner seems to be missing. S/he could be away, or just so preoccupied with other matters that you feel single. You are hearing good money news, as “money’s talking.” Your health is great, maybe so much so that you may overdo things this month. Taurus can self-indulge, and remember that too much will inevitably show up in your health numbers. This is the month for a low public profile. Some aspect of your life has reached “the end of the road.”


The Hanged Man and the King of Wands:

Dear Gemini, your energy this month is focused on your vision regarding a business venture or investment that has to do with health care or drugs. Since marijuana is now legal in a number of states, lots of investment opportunities are arising. Your partner is and has been uncharacteristically serious. Is your partner finishing up a course of study or an internship? It will not take much longer, hold on! Friends are your saving grace this month. Let yourself absorb the love from friends and extended family. This is your month to be more passive and let others initiate things in your world.


The Hanged Man and the Page of Swords:

Travel on a cruise or to the beach this month, dear Cancer. Water is always good for your health on every level—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You may have some home improvement done while you are away, saving you the inconveniences of the project. There are some matters you need to keep an eye on; any joint accounts and any credit cards. There is some good stuff under wraps. Are you keeping an important secret? Allow your mind to drift and daydream. Also, follow your curiosities. This may lead to important future developments.


The Star and the Page of Pentacles:

Dear Leo, you have an old relationship that you are feeling sentimental about. Stop! That relationship is bad for you. Do not return to that relationship. You already know why. This is a month to be sure to get all your medical needs attended to. Have you been putting off seeing a doctor about something? See your doctor this month. It is a fantastic month for making career plans and choices. If you need publicity, this month is good, as you will hit the right note with your target audience. Go to your neighborhood party this year. I know you are usually more upscale, but this year will be fun and could lead to good outcomes.


The Fool and the Queen of Cups:

Virgo, there may be a situation that requires you to suddenly respond to a female relative who is in trouble. This may require you to become financially responsible for something or someone, or, perhaps, an estate. Your partner is dreamier and spacier than normal. A deeply mystical frame of mind has captured your partner and s/he seems far more out of reality than the one you live in, Virgo. Philosophers would argue about which is the “real” reality, so don’t condemn your partner, give them some slack. You’ve got patriotic friends who want to celebrate this month. Someone young moving away or starting something new? Help make the send-off special, so that they know that home will be waiting for them.


The Sun and the Seven of Wands:

Dear Libra, this month is great for your reputation and fame. All eyes are on you! You have lots of energy to interact with the public this month. In the meantime, there is a serious issue with a sibling. Your partner is, as always, very active as well. And so, too, is your social life quite active this month, especially anything involving youth. Will you be holding a pool party? All this energy and public exposure are more than usual for the always decorous, proper, and tasteful Libra. What everyone else wants may be more than you would like. Relax, most likely things will calm down next month.


Moon and the Ten of Wands:

This is a good month for art therapy with you as the healer or the healee. This can be official therapy or just your own attempt at art therapy. You are in the right frame of mind to benefit a great deal from allowing your inner demons out. You've managed to work within a budget, even though it was difficult at first. The good news? Next year income should increase. With lots of outdoor activity during the summertime, you might be tempted to overdo things and have an accident. Be aware of this tendency at the present time, and be careful. Your communication skills at work have never been better. Say what needs saying. Public relations efforts will work out well.


Temperance and the Ten of Pentacles:

Time to celebrate the hard work you have done for the last couple of years. Your health, body, and fitness are great due to your hard work. Now is this the time for a hot fudge sundae? It's okay to have one, but you cannot change your good health habits and keep your health, capiche? Big money is possible, especially if it involves joint ventures. Oh, back to health, you might want to use some technology to keep yourself adhering to healthy habits: there are various watch-like devices as well as stand alone apps that might be helpful.


Temperance and the Four of Pentacles:

Dear Capricorn, this is the month to listen to any dream warnings. Something is going on that your subconscious is aware of but your waking self is still oblivious. Enjoy the present, but be prepared for hard times—not that they are inevitable, but you definitely need a fallback plan. You can have fun and sharpen your mind through strategy games this month. Stay at home base. Travel is not for you this month. Even though your partner is raring to go somewhere.


The Tower and the King of Pentacles:

A health issue comes up out of the blue. Or, perhaps it is something you have been ignoring. You have a need for regular exercise, especially this month, as you may have energy blocks in your body, and lots of angry feelings in your emotional field. The best way to work this out is with plenty of exercise—something safe with proper hydration and mindful of the heat. The Tower is a card indicating something being destroyed to make way for something better. This could apply to a home renovation, or a health issue, or have to do with someone you employ who is leaving. Although it will mean some rearrangements on your part, the end result is something you will be happier about. You have powerful help behind the scenes. Is it time for you to have a new smart appliance? Some new technology to help out at home? The stars say, “Yes!”


The Fool and the Five of Pentacles:

Dear Pisces, this month has your personal income disrupted. It could be in a good way. Remember that “A fool and his money are soon parted.” And, “Easy come, easy go.” Help in many things, including money management, arrives from a savvy sibling or neighbor. That is if you allow someone who is smart about these things to help you. Meanwhile, in your social life, you are rubbing elbows with the VIPs. How did you manage that? Perhaps you can pick up some hints about life, whether they are positive examples or negative ones. Exposure to a different and more affluent group will be educational for you. Needless to say, July is not the month for a vacation—unless it is a working vacation.

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