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Full Storm Moon of February

By Becky , Jan 27 2017 01:18PM


Waxing moon period: 28/1/2017 to 9/2/2017

Waxing first quarter moon: 3/2/2017

Full Storm Moon: 10/2/2017

Waning moon period: 11/2/2017 to 25/2/2017

Waning last quarter moon: 18/2/2017

New Moon: 26/2/2017

Observations: Imbolc sabbat Feb 1st .

The February full moon is the Storm Moon, also known as the Quickening Moon or Hunger Moon. This is a raw, blustery time of year in which the snow can return with a vengeance. The name for this month’s full moon comes from long ago Algonquian observations that the deep snowstorms tend to happen during February. February is a month of beginnings and renewal as celebrated with the Imbolc sabbat. During this month, you want to get rid of emotional baggage and physical clutter to make way for new projects. On this full moon night, try a purifying ritual and cast spells for health and vitality, check out the Full Moon Tea Ritual we posted up.

Your altar

Drape your altar with a clean, pure white cloth to symbolize snow. You can lay a smaller silver cloth over that to symbolize moonlight. Often purple is included to symbolize the purple storm clouds often full of thunder or snow. Herbs of hyssop, mhyrr and sage can be placed or made into a great seasonal incense. If you include crystals on your altar amethyst, rose quartz, bloodstone, any earth toned jasper and the stunning thunder agate work really well.

Waxing Moon Magic

The night after new moon to the full Storm Moon:

This is a time of growth and summoning. Cast spells all during the Waxing Moon time to enhance and increase your health and vitality. This lunar phase is great for taking ownership of mistakes made last year, working out how to right wrongs and then leaving them in 2016. We can only move forward as a person through our own development after all.

Full Moon Magic

During the night of the full Storm Moon, perform a purifying ritual for yourself. Consider having a ritual to dedicate yourself to this year's spiritual path that may have been revealed to you during last month's full moon by your patron gods. Or you could continue the spellwork on health, vitality, and attracting or strengthening relationships that you have been doing through this month's waxing moon period.

Waning Moon Magic

The night after the full Storm Moon to the next new moon:

This is a time of letting go and sending away. As with the magical work you did last month during the full Wolf Moon, you are focusing on giving yourself a clean slate. Last month cleared away any powerful negative influences that may have followed you from last year. This month you’re working on the smaller mundane stuff such as bad habits, physical clutter, and residual emotional weariness that builds up this time of year because you are so tired of winter.

New Moon Magic

The night of the Storm Moon New Moon is perfect for setting yourself goals, how far you want to go this year and what you want to achieve. Start with a cleansing ritual bath if you can, if not repeat the purifying ritual you performed at full moon. Journal or visonboard ideas and wishes, the new moon energy is perfect for tapping into these.

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