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Full Seed Moon

By Becky , Apr 3 2017 01:50PM

Full Seed Moon of April


Waxing moon period: 28/03/2017 to 09/04/2017

Waxing first quarter moon: 03/04/2017

Full Seed Moon: 10/04/2017

Waning moon period: 11/04/2017 to 25/04/2017

Waning last quarter moon: 19/4/2017

New Moon: 26/04/2017

April is a time of planting the seeds of your projects now that you have prioritized them back in March. The unpredictable weather of March is gentling into a more consistent warmth and mild temperatures. Spring is flowing toward early summer. You might still have to exercise caution to shelter tender young seedlings (especially if those seedlings are not metaphorical but are actual plant seedlings), but otherwise the time has come to plant those seeds and nurture your projects as they germinate by the light of the Seed Moon.

Your altar

Strip down last month’s altar of its pastel over-cloths until you have reduced it to its large green under-cloth. This month is simplicity itself compared to last month when you were sorting out your priorities. Now we are going to plant the seeds of your chosen projects and grow them – period. To keep your focus strong and simple, go easy on the decorations. Perhaps add a small pot of potting soil with a drainage hole and saucer, and plant it with seeds to symbolize your projects. (You can plant anything you want, but radish seeds sprout faster than anything at three weeks; throughout the month, you can tend to the pot of seedlings on your altar, or you can immediately relocate it after your Waxing Moon and Full Moon activities.) Another good decoration is a pot of blooming yellow daffodils or red tulips.

Waxing Moon Magic

From the night after the last new moon to the full Seed Moon:

Concentrate on increasing your projects’ strength, vigor, and growth. Raise healing energy through chanting and candle magic with green candles and herbal oils, and release the energy into your projects. Visualize your projects maturing through the year. Know your limits! This is very intensive work and probably should be done for no more than one to three at most main projects, which you would have prioritized last month. Before you work witchcraft, identify and perform all the necessary steps to jump-start your projects upon the physical plane (for example, put in job applications and schedule interviews if you want a better job) so that your spells will have a strong foundation in your everyday life from which to launch into the universe.

Full Moon Magic

On the night of the full Seed Moon, you could continue the type of spell that you have been doing all through the Waxing Moon period – raising healing energy to strengthen and nurture your projects – and so harness the extra power of the full moon. This is good when you have more than one project to launch this year.

Alternatively, you could downshift to a more contemplative ritual in which you focus upon the patron god or goddess of your particular project (for example, Celtic goddess Brigit for metal workers or Norse goddess Frigge for motherhood or Norse god Odin for magic working). Ask for their blessings and open your mind to any advice they may have. This is good when you have just one main project to launch this year.

Waning Moon Magic

From the night after the full Seed Moon to the next new moon:

Think of this phase as vigorous weed-killing of any metaphorical weeds such as fear, negative self-talk, or laziness that might smother the spark of light within the seeds of your projects. Work banishing magic and enlist the help of your patron god and goddess to deliver your from fear and confusion. Identify any practical obstacles to your projects within the physical world (such as excess weight or too much clutter) and take steps to vanquish them (start a nutrition and exercise program and donate a carload of your junk to a charity shop).

Again, know your limits. The magic you work during the month of the Seed Moon is very physically and emotionally intense. This month involves a huge revving up of energy as compared to the slower months that preceded it. Instead of working magic all through the month, consider just four ceremonies: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter.

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