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February 2017 Tarotscopes

By Becky , Jan 27 2017 01:55PM


Wheel of Fortune & Knight of Pentacles

Slow your process down to a manageable speed. Your impatience or so-called passion will undermine the positive results you seek. This month will yield the signs you've been waiting for and although action is necessary, it must be deliberate. For those trying to transform a hobby into a profession or training into full-time employment, now's your chance. You're in the flow and opportunities will begin to emerge before your eyes. Be discriminating on how you choose to focus your energy. There are still plenty of details that require your attention. To all you financial speculators: leave no rock unturned. Don't overlook the long term investments. There's something special that awaits you. Someone else's loss could easily be your gain. Look in the areas you wouldn't normally consider.


Judgment & 8 of Cups

There's no need to hold on to your sorrows, grievances and resentments. They only back-up the system and weigh you down. Your tenacity to stick with it, is both your talent and shortcoming. The goal this month is to bring resolution to your affairs. In particular, the areas of life that are causing you the most emotional stress. Doing nothing is simply refusing to do something. Take responsibility for your part and get on with it. Life moves through you only as swiftly as you allow it. Don't block the flow by focusing on what's wrong - or potentially wrong. You're ready for a change - be that change!


Emperor & King of Pentacles

Your character will be tested this month as people around you challenge you to be a better person. In small ways, you may feel undermined and disrespected; you will strive to prove yourself worthy and responsible. Let this challenge be a test of your fortitude, your determination and your confidence. If you've been shirking responsibilities or avoiding tough decisions, this could be a rough patch for you. It's time to get serious and align your goals with your actions. If you want others to see your sincerity, then behave accordingly. A dose of discipline and focus will be needed to make things happen. This is potentially a very good time to begin new projects. Good work will be praised and you will be rewarded.


Death & 2 of Wands

Are you a river or a pond? Do you prefer security or fluidity? Your answer only orients your mind to accepting the inevitability of change, aka. life. Why complain about boredom when newness is continuously at your fingertips. Lean into the great adventure of life and let go of your expectations. You are on the verge of transforming your routine into something more exciting and risky. There is no promise of security however, so either trust in yourself or prepare to feel wildly out of control. Be this a job change, a romance, an unexpected adventure, a loss or a paradigm shift, you can rest assure that passion awaits you. To experience passion is to feel a collection of competing emotions. Don't be fooled into believing that passion doesn't involve suffering.


Magician & 8 of Wands

Life is continuity - there is no destination. You are always going toward; this is your pilgrimage, your journey, your great adventure. Why short yourself of experiencing all there is in the little time you have. Every moment is precious, every experience an opportunity to learn and grow, every encounter, a meeting with the divine. Don't sell yourself short by focusing on problems of the past. Live in the here and now. Be who you are and don't worry about the "shoulds and supposed-tos”. There's no harsher judge than yourself. Open your heart to life in all its splendor, and notice the quickening of hope that arises. You are the conductor and this life is your orchestra. Now dance and sing and be merry. There is no yesterday or tomorrow - only today.


Hierophant & 3 of Swords

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is sometimes pointless. Not everyone cares what facts you've learned or what you believe. Knowledge is like a double-edged sword, it can be used to cut through ignorance, carving new paths of exploration or it can destroy and condemn. Be mindful of how you: use your knowledge, express your thoughts, and share your opinions. Your advice could easily backfire into accusations of self-righteousness. Your attempt to inquire may be perceived as prying, and your innocuous opinions may be misunderstood as preaching. Be intentional with what you say, and to whom. Don't speak just to hear your own voice, speak through the heart and to the heart of others. Your message is more powerful when you listen to your audience, especially when dealing with a confrontation.


Empress & King of Wands

Beauty is all around you to the extent that it is within you. Have you ever noticed when you first fall in love everything around you seems to radiate with such brilliancy. Your normal cares are insignificant, you're more tolerant and frivolous , more engaged and alive. This state of being is available without an object. It may require some adjustments, but it's yours whenever you want it. Like anything, this attitude needs some cultivating and encouragement. When you begin to lose sight of beauty (whatever that means to you), let that be a signal that you're also losing touch with yourself. Things don't need to be perfect, good or comfortable for them to be beautiful. For as it's been said, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Thus, what you see is a reflection of you.


Sun & 6 of Cups

Innocence is your true nature; although years of conditioning have made you feel otherwise. There is a longing to return to this blissful state. In each attempt to feel the pleasure of freedom is also a desire to be carefree. It's important to allow yourself time to play, to dream, to just be! Consider how much of your life is filled with unnecessary bits and pieces: responsibilities, obligations, self-criticisms, regrets, fantasies. All this drama provokes the desire to escape into unhealthy habits. That, or you live vicariously through Hollywood, the internet, other people's experiences. Why not have some wholesome fun of your own? Make the time to connect with your inner child or call up an old friend and go do something you used to love to do. Playing keeps you young and relieves you from taking yourself so seriously.


Hanged Man & Ace of Wands

Pursuing a vision requires sacrifice because it is not until you risk something of value that you attain something greater. The illusion of being stuck in life is merely an excuse to not try something different. There are innumerable ways to feel alive and excited about life, but you must stretch your gaze beyond the ordinary to see them. Think of whatever so-called dilemma you're in as a time-out, a moment to gather your energy before you push forward. Rather than dwelling on anything negative, reflect on what's important to you and prepare yourself to take action. Your break is running out and it's time to get back to work. No one ever said life was easy yet many have agreed that it is what you make of it. It's time for a new vision.


Fool & 4 of Cups

It is the small things that offer the greatest reward: a reassuring glance from your beloved, a vote of confidence from your parents, a compliment from a stranger, a cold, wet puppy dog nose, or a hot cup of good tea and a great book. The possibilities are limitless. Yet to really find joy in all of this, it is you who must be aware, you who must recognize, and you who must appreciate. If your mind is not oriented to seeing the magic that surrounds you, you'll easily fall into depression, ambivalence, bitterness. Be grateful instead of greedy. Enjoy every moment because soon it will be only a memory. Say yes instead of no. Be open instead of suspicious. Don't turn down any offers this month. There is a surprise that awaits you.


Star & Ace of Pentacles

Dream big, work hard. Without dedication, dreams are just fantasies. Now is the time to begin planning your visions, goals, and dreams. The first stage was visualization but now you must take action. No matter what you're dreaming up, you must do something about it. This will require an investment of sorts - money or time. You're in a good place to manifest your ideas into a reality. This is also a time of recovery . If you have been struggling with health related issues, you will begin to feel stronger and refreshed. Don't push yourself too hard; slow and steady is just fine. The light at the end of the tunnel will beam brighter and your confidence in life will be restored.


Tower & 8 of Pentacles

Security can be a bit tricky when you put all your hopes in one area. It's easy to convince yourself that something's are safer than others. But in reality, all is subject to change, and often that change is coupled with sacrifice. Your projects and long term investments will likely feel some tremors. Rather than hold on for dear life, step back and look at the bigger picture. Whatever collapses will not only make space for something new, it will also help you see where you may have been holding yourself back or not working hard enough. If discipline and commitment were lacking, try again. Don't allow yourself to dwell too much for concern that you will fall into negative thinking. Seek the help you need and keep on keeping on.

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