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Crystal talk | an exciting night

By Becky , Aug 4 2016 02:43AM

It feels like the crystal elixir course has been the bane of my life for a life time. So many rules and rewrites I had almost forgotten my passion for how important passing on this knowledge is and how much I love teaching and sharing.

Tonight I gave my first talk on elixirs from the course, it didn't go perfectly and I didn't even get to give the whole talk but I am really happy with how it went. Nothing relights a fire quicker than a room full of engaged minds who understand your logic and take something from it. Soon ideas are swapped and conversations are created while everyone in the room beings to form their own logic around crystal elixirs and what they could mean for them.

That is an amazing feeling and a huge credit to Lyz over at Every Witch Way (https://www.facebook.com/Every-Witch-Way-859540104085852/?fref=ts) for holding space of such a great group of people. They hold monthly meetings in Heybridge and I can't recommend enough popping over and checking them out if you can. Check out the wonderful homemade cake you get too!

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